The Story Behind Vogel Engineering

Our Legacy: Nurturing Agriculture, Crafting Innovation Since 1985

Rooted in Agriculture

In 1948, Andy Vogel acquired a parcel of land near Fremont, Michigan, embarking on a journey of cultivating carrots for Gerber. Over time, what started as a modest undertaking flourished into a sprawling operation spanning 500 acres. 

An Engineering Mind Was Born

Wayne’s story starts on the family farm, where he, his father Andy, and brother Glenn enjoyed the hands-on experience of cultivating the land and nurturing crops. Their farm, “Vogel Produce, Inc.,” has been a thriving hub for the growth of various crops, including carrots, corn, soybeans, green beans, butternut squash, onions, and wheat. It’s a legacy that continues to flourish even today.

The Spark of Innovation

In 1985, a pivotal decision reshaped the course of our journey. Wayne Vogel made the bold choice to leave the family farm behind and embrace his passion for creating custom farm machinery full-time.

He embarked on this transformative journey by acquiring an old grocery store in Brunswick, MI. This humble space would soon be transformed into a bustling welding and machine shop.

As Vogel Engineering was born, Wayne’s vision was clear:

To engineer and manufacture tailor-made farm machinery that could revolutionize farming practices and enhance efficiency.

What started as a modest establishment has since evolved into a sprawling 48,000 sq. ft facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an unwavering commitment to quality.

We have a deep respect for the land and a profound understanding of the needs of farmers

We continue to design and create custom farm machinery that makes a meaningful difference in the agricultural industry. Join us on this remarkable journey, where tradition and technology come together to shape the future of farming.