Wayne Vogel is an accomplished farmer who enjoyed making equipment for the family farm with his father Andy and brother Glenn. The farm "Vogel Produce, Inc." grows carrots, corn, soybeans, green beans, butternut squash, onions, wheat and still thrives today.

shop_1_smallerIn 1986 Wayne decided to leave the family farm and start Vogel Engineering to manufacture custom farm machinery full time, he bought a old grocery store in Brunswick, MI and turned it into a welding/machine shop that has expanded to a 48,000 sq. ft facility.

Vogel Engineering is a family business, Wayne works with his two sons, David and Keith and approximately. 10 employees. Vogel Engineering specializes in custom farm equipment and hydraulics; mainly Cucumber and Carrot harvesters but has also produced a Butternut squash harvester, Beet Harvesters, Celery harvesters, Blueberry harvesters, Root digging harvesters, house moving dollies, aluminum docks, and boat lifts to name a few.

We also have a mobile repair vehicle that is set up full of tools, 10,000 pound crane, air compressor, welder and hose manufacturing.

VE uses John Deere Cabs and John Deere power plants in their equipment to power the hydraulic systems.

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Contact Us;
6688 Maple Island Rd.
Holton, MI 49425
Phone: (231) 821-2125

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